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Social Engineering by HACKEN



Who needs the Social Engineering Audit?

GDPR requires companies align with the main data protection principles and have a process for regularly testing, assessing, and evaluating the effectiveness of any measures protecting personal data.

Huge fines might be applied if data leak occurs!

Nowadays, technology became a strong security factor, however, the human factor has proven to be the weakest link in the chain, no matter how robust the company’s IT systems are.

Financial companies

Regulators are asking and checking financial companies what policies and practices they have in place to control potential security breaches that might be exploited by intruders.

IT Companies

Most private information is stored in applications and business systems which can be targeted by malicious hackers. Hackers sometimes can easily avoid even the most complex security solutions.

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We offer Social Engineering Cybersecurity Services that enable cybercrime prevention for businesses which lack the scale, expertise, or time to do it themselves.
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Why do you need Social Engineering services?

You may find the answer in the cybersecurity statistics* of 2017.
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43% of the documented breaches involved social engineering attacks

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66% of malware came from malicious email attachments

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$3.62 million is the cost of an average data breach in 2017

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What is our approach?

  1. Identify and gather entry points that can be used to perform social engineering attack
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures employed for social engineering attacks
  3. Improve/create company privacy policy, suggest the list of recommendations to eliminate identified weaknesses.

What are key stages of Social Engineering?

Research the target company

During this phase, the attacker may conduct dumpster diving, browse through the company website, look for personal information or find employees’ details, etc

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Select victim

An attacker chooses a key victim and steals their sensitive information. Disgruntled or naive employees are often the ones who assist the attacker

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Develop the relationship

Аttackers try to develop relationships with employees in order to get confidential information from them
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Exploit the relationship

An attacker exploits the relationship of the employee with the company and tries to extract sensitive information such as account details, financial information, current technologies used, future plans, etc
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Research summary

We provide a detailed report that explains in detail the steps we took, goes over the vulnerabilities we found, and give recommendations on how to fix detected issues
social engineering augit

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