Smart Contracts Audit by Hacken
10% of funds invested in ICO via Ethereum cryptocurrency were stolen by hackers!
Today, an ICO is a target for any hacker. Often, a quick and simple attack may instantly strip you of hundreds of thousand of dollars with minimal risk to criminals.

The DAO - $50 million was stolen by hackers
CoinDash - $7.53 million
Parity Case - $31 million
Enigma - $500 thousands
Who needs the Smart Contracts Audit?
Smart Contracts
Owners & Managers of ICO Startups
Product Owners of Decentralized Apps
Anybody Who Needs Trust of Stakeholders & Investors
Smart Contracts Audit by Hacken
Audit of Smart Contracts by Hacken includes both objective findings from the contract code as well as subjective assessments of the overall architecture and design choices by consulting experts. This audit will evaluate whether the code has been written in a way that ensures readability and maintainability. Also, it will assess if the codebase follows the modern best and established practices for Smart Contracts development.
Security Audit
(3-5 days)
Expert Audit
(1-2 weeks)
Comprehensive Audit
(2-4 weeks)
Scan for common vulnerabilities with state-of-the-art tools
Manual analysis of results
Code review
w\o code refactoring
Developer consulting
Public and private report
Checking custom security requirements
Why Smart Contracts Audit by Hacken?
The First Real-time Security Indicator (HackenProof Certificate)
Resilience with Tight Deadlines
Fixed and Transparent Pricing
Clear Audit Metrics
Standardized Workflow Checklist
Experienced Researchers
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4 Major Cases of Hacking a Smart Contract or Why Crypto-Alcoholics Will Cry?
If co-founders or leading managers of ICO startups do not care about Cybersecurity, they will have to answer for the consequences, which can be really terrible. Over the last year, there were many cases of hacking into smart contracts of ICO startups that seemed solid and secure. Here is a list of all of the major bugs with smart contracts on Ethereum so far, including both the DAO as well as other significant ETH thefts and losses in token contracts.

The DAO - $50 million was stolen by hackers
CoinDash - $7.53 million
Parity Case - $31 million
Enigma - $500