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Solidity Smart Contract Audit by Hacken

A smart contract is a computer protocol created to facilitate, verify, and enforce negotiations in blockchain technologies avoiding the services of a middleman. It sustains the back-end functioning of decentralized systems. A smart contract has a set of rules under which the parties agree to interact: if the rules are met, the agreement is enforced. Parties use smart contracts almost in every field from insurance premiums to crowdfunding agreements. The term itself has nothing in common with legal contracts.

What is Smart Contract Audit?

Smart contract audit includes automatic and manual tests. Automatic audit aims to find commonly encountered security vulnerabilities; manual test outlines efficiency, logical, and optimization improvements. A smart contract audit is basically the same as a conventional code audit: it aims at finding security vulnerabilities before the code is deployed. Over/Underflows, Reentrancy, and Front Running are among the most widespread smart contract vulnerabilities.

Who needs the Smart Contracts Audit?

Smart Contracts Developers
Owners & Managers of ICO Startups
Product Owners of Decentralized Apps
Anybody Who Needs Trust of Stakeholders & Investors

Why Smart Contracts Audit by Hacken? 

  • Detailed Report
  • Meeting Tight Deadlines
  • Fixed and Transparent Pricing
  • Clear Audit Metrics
  • Experienced Researchers
smart contract auditing firm

Since the day we had started development of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol, we knew that security would always be our top priority. We chose Hacken as one of our security partners for the audit and were impressed by their professionalism and expertise in the field. Their team goes into every detail, and we appreciated the scope and detail of their reports,’ — said PumaPay Chief Blockchain Architect Giorgos Kourtellos.

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Legolas believes that their security and auditing needs should be met in the most efficient way possible. In keeping with this, the company chose Hacken’s white hat hacking service to secure their crowdsale. Both Legolas and Hacken believe there is an urgent need to focus on cybersecurity as part of their social responsibility”.

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- More than 30 satisfied clients

- Hundreds of discovered bugs and vulnerabilities

- Almost $1,000,000 saved

Smart Contracts Audit by Hacken

The professional team of consultants performs smart contract audit in accordance with the internal methodology. Hacken team analyses the smart contract’s functionality and performs all necessary checks against known vulnerabilities. Basic security audit includes manual codebase audit by Hacken consultants; automated tools security audit; a brief description of smart contract functionality, however, we offer to client three security audit options which are distinguished by the composition and duration:

Security Audit

(3-5 days)

Expert Audit

(1-2 weeks)

Comprehensive Audit

(2-4 weeks)

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