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Security Assessment by Hacken


What is a Security Assessment

Data is at the core of any organization's activity. In order to utilize data efficiently, business needs to incorporate it into a network and put it under heavy security to avoid severe financial losses due to a cybersecurity mishap. 

Unfortunately, most businesses either do not spot the breach timely or cannot diagnose it after being located. Thus, if you suspect or expect a cybersecurity infringement, it's vital to address risk assessment consultants. 

An initial response should include an IT specialist and a legal reaction adviser, both of whom provide risk assessment services, emergency access, administer crucial intervention, and conduct a coordinated reaction without delay.

security assessment services

Here are the following topics related to the issue:

An array of steps and services will be needed to set a business back on track following a cyber attack. The Management of Incidents role includes paying for IT, PR, and Legal services. It also covers ID and Credit Monitoring. Finally, it manages the Breach Notification and Data Restoration costs. 

This department oversees the claims presented by third parties regarding certain liabilities connected to a cybersecurity failure. Among others, its duties will include coverage for defense costs, sensitive information infringement, insurable fines during a PCI or regulatory inspection, and others.

Almost all businesses that sell anything rely on direct sales through the Web or customer relationship management. Those that do not sell directly through the Web, use it to conduct their activity anyway. Cyber Interruption is responsible for managing mitigation expenses and loss of income once transactions are blocked or interrupted due to a cybersecurity issue.

Outsourced Service Providers (OSPs) offer a variety of essential services to businesses such as payment processing, web hosting, and data storage. Cyber Interruption's responsibility will include the management of the same issues but the ones due to mishaps on the OSP's part. 

Naturally, not all failures will result from hack attacks or other cybersecurity infringements. Outages of different origins may also interrupt the usual system cycle. Cyber Interruption will oversee costs from system failures occurring within the internal system that's not related to cybersecurity breaches.

Apart from cybersecurity breaches, power surges, vandalism, natural disasters, overheating, and other cases may cause data loss or corruption. This extension will be included in the Management of Incidents section, and it will manage accidental damages that have been inflicted on an organization's computer system. 

It's easy for companies to unintentionally infringe on trademarks, illegally appropriate creative material and fail to check facts in the fast-pacing digital world. This extension will cover the relevant costs of breaches of third-party intellectual property rights and negligence related to digital content.

A telephone is another object of hacking. The PBX dial through fraud is a scheme when frauds make phones calls to premium rate numbers. This extension will cover the respective charges resulting from unauthorized utilization of an organization's telephone system.

Cybercriminals are adept at using a prior cybersecurity breaches to further transfer funds from an account that is related to the victim-business. This extension will manage direct financial losses resulting from illegal cyber fund transfers that will occur based on a prior cybersecurity mishap.

Cybersecurity breaches negatively impact a business' relationship with its consumer base. Coupons for Goodwill will effectively mitigate the negative impact from such instances. This extension will allow offering consumers diverse goodwill coupons that will provide additional free services to them to minimize the damage or inconvenience they received from a relevant cybersecurity breach. 

The Private Investigator (PI) Fund 

This fund will include a financial pool that will be used to pay rewards to people who will be able to provide information that will facilitate the arrest and/or conviction of a person who was connected to violating the cybersecurity policies of a business. In addition to hackers/cybercriminals, such persons may include rogue employees. Thus, this fund will also reward conscientious employees who will enable spotting the rogue ones.

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