"Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in
the world"
Ginni Rometty IBM CEO

Cybersecurity became a
must-have for every company
  • Every month more than 100 businesses suffer serious security breaches
  • Every month about 1.4 billion phishing websites appear, 1300% since 2015
  • $6 million bug bounty payoffs, 211% percent of 2016
  • Cybersecurity expenses worldwide hit $1 trillion by 2021
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Blockchain industry is a top priority target for cybercrime
  • Every 10th crypto user lost some money in cybercrime
  • 10% of ICO money in 2017 were stolen
  • Average loss per victim is $7500 in 2017
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Information is power.
Main goal of cybersecurity is to prevent,
not protect

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