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Managed Security Services by HACKEN

Managed Security Services include monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Services performed by an MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) save companies a lot of resources as they allow to outsource professional workforce and reduce the size of the in-house security department.



Who needs Security Operations?

Despite increasing demand for proactive security, many companies postpone the implementation of security initiatives until they suffer a loss due to a data breach.

As a cybersecurity company, Hacken protects  from DDoS attacks, malware activity, and phishing scams every day. An in-house IT security staff might see this very rarely and have no hands-on experience responding to these threats.

Additionally, Hacken provides GDPR-related security services. The regulation requires every company to “select appropriate technical and organizational measures” that ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of systems and services.

Company of any size and scale

Any company can be hacked by cyber criminals — it doesn't matter whether it is big or small.

There are two ways to ensure that all confidential and sensitive data is properly protected: keep an in-house IT security team or hire a cybersecurity firm. The former is expensive, and in-house employees often struggle to keep up with new attacks and countermeasures.  

Employ our reasonably-priced security services to ensure the highest level of security for your products, systems, and applications.


Main reasons to consider Managed Security Services from Hacken

Managed security services

Experience and specialization

Top-level experts at your disposal to apply best practices, proven policies and procedures

Managed security services

Cost Savings

Get the most advanced cybersecurity expertise in a predicted expenditure model

Managed security services

Continuous compliance

Regular security assessment and testing to monitor your security compliance level

What do we do

Managed Firewall / IDS / IPS

Network defense technologies can only protect your organization effectively if adequately managed, monitored and maintained.

Providing this service we install, configure, upgrade and maintain the firewall, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and IDS/IDS (intrusion detection and prevention hardware and software), commonly performing configuration changes on behalf of the customer.

Security is a process, and firewall policies and configurations on your devices must be kept up to date to ensure consistent and robust security level at changing business environments. Network IDS/IPS/Firewall traffic must be monitored continuously to identify threats and respond to them in order to any security incidents.

As per GDPR technical requirements, we are checking that your firewalls are correctly configured and using the latest software, policies are implemented according to the best practices to ensure a high level of network access and information availability, integrity and privacy access.

Hacken provides our highly trained security experts who act as an extension of your in-house IT team.

Managed DDoS Configuration and Protection

Are you protected against DDoS attacks? If not, learn how Hacken can guard your resources – as well as your budget.

At Hacken, we’re able to offer or configure a DDoS defense system that is capable of inspecting, detecting and defending against DDoS attacks in real-time. We can take a proactive stance in solving the DDoS challenge, these defense systems will automatically trigger and operate autonomously when the business is under attack.

With its service, Hacken is defending against the largest DDoS attacks. The defense systems we use have network capacity  much bigger than the most massive DDoS attack ever recorded.

We can also leverage security event reporting to optimize protection profiles and improve the security posture of our clients' Internet-facing services. Rich reporting and easy integration with leading SIEM and logging platforms make it simple to demonstrate the value of such DDoS defense systems.

Customers can rely on our industry-leading defense systems to provide 24/7, automatic attack mitigation services, with threat visibility and network forensics.

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment

One of the most significant advantages of working with Hacken is our vulnerability and penetration testing unique expertise. We deliver services with detailed results that include criminals’ attack simulations showing how an attacker can exploit a vulnerability. We also combine automated and manual penetration testing to achieve the most accurate results, freeing up a company’s IT staff to shift their focus to security program oversight and other activities.

It takes excellent technical skills and experience of penetration testing company to identify complex flaws in authorization and business logic, we also provide clients with insightful analysis and recommendations on how to eliminate vulnerabilities.

The service includes one-time or periodic software scans or hacking attempts in order to find vulnerabilities in a technical and logical perimeter. It will also include assessing security throughout the network.

Alternatively, Hacken offers and coordinates a crowdsourced vulnerability reward platform that enables IT businesses to start a bug bounty program. This initiative means rewarding individuals who discover and report software bugs.


Managed security services


We set up policies according to the best practices, update them to ensure appropriate access controls are consistent with changing business environments

Managed security services


Skilled and experienced specialists have necessary process management capabilities to maintain security continuity as smoothly as possible.

Managed security services


Continuous performance and availability monitoring and client notification if any suspicious activity is taking place.

Managed security services

Remediation / Incident response

For service outages, security threats and breaches we respond with adaptive security measures, which helps to keep your business operational while the employees focus on their core roles.

Managed security services


Reduces preparation time and costs enabling the organization to focus on security governance rather than administrative tasks.

Managed security services


Performed by experienced security analysts including rule-based backup and restoration, software upgrades, patches and system configuration

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