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EOS Smart Contract Audit by Hacken

Smart contract ensures an agreement between parties aimed to execute a certain service and/or reach common requirements. An EOS smart contract defines a digital asset and a set of rules to be adhered to by both parties. As long as all of these requirements are met, execution is possible.


What is Smart Contract Audit?

EOS smart contracts inherit all advantages from a smart contract model, including accuracy, transparency, security, and trust. However, the state of these parameters highly depends on implementation - unexpected logic flow can cause a large security vulnerability that makes possible EOS cryptocurrency theft. EOS smart contract audit service is a third-party security analysis of smart contract code that reduces risks of being hacked.

EOS smart contract provides a structure for responsibilities between the participants to process financial transactions. Blockchain-registered EOS smart contracts are executed on nodes by applying common contract rules, the legal transfers and moves of which are transparently stored on the EOS blockchain.

Who needs the Smart Contracts Audit?

Smart Contracts Developers
Owners & Managers of ICO Startups
Product Owners of Decentralized Apps
Anybody Who Needs Trust of Stakeholders & Investors

Why Smart Contracts Audit by Hacken? 

  • Detailed Report
  • Meeting Tight Deadlines
  • Fixed and Transparent Pricing
  • Clear Audit Metrics
  • Experienced Researchers

Smart Contracts Audit by Hacken

The professional team of consultants performs smart contract audit in accordance with the internal methodology. Hacken team analyses the smart contract’s functionality and performs all necessary checks against known vulnerabilities. Basic security audit includes manual codebase audit by Hacken consultants; automated tools security audit; a brief description of smart contract functionality, however, we offer to client three security audit options which are distinguished by the composition and duration:

Security Audit

(3-5 days)

Expert Audit

(1-2 weeks)

Comprehensive Audit

(2-4 weeks)

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