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Website Speed Up: Ways to Improve Your Website Performance

Learn how to speed up a website in the most efficient way

Most Common Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

Most common smart contract vulnerabilities Hacken faced.

EOS Smart Contracts Audit Overview

How Hacken performs smart contract audit of EOS based projects

White, Grey, and Black Box Testing

Pentest is varied and complex. Learn about its options.

5 Reasons to Audit Smart Contract

The importance of performing a smart contract audit and the benefits of this procedure

5 Must-Do When Auditing a Smart Contract

There are 5 aspects to consider

Risks of Hacking via SMS Authentication

Do you use SMS as an authentication method? Better stop!

What is the Cost of Security Assessment?

What price would you pay to uphold your company’s reputation?

Static Analysis of Android Mobile Applications — MobSF Manual

How to perform static analysis of Android applications

Android Application Malware Analysis

Mobile applications are one of the most widespread targets of hackers attacks. We describe malware analysis as it is.

Phishing Facts And Statistics, Or 10 Reasons Why Anti-Phishing is Important

Review phishing statistics and learn the rising threat it poses to businesses.

How to Protect Your Business from Hackers who Exploit ERP Vulnerabilities

Gaining an access to an enterprise resources planning system, attackers substitute financial document numbers, transfer money, or even reboot the system.

The Best Defence is Built through Field Training: Red Team vs Blue Team

Red Team attacks and Blue Team defends. Hacken explains in detail the benefits of each concept that helps to protect your systems.

Crypto Exchange and Crypto Wallet Pentest Methodology

Hacken specialist compiled a standardized workflow that testers can use while testing exchanges and wallets.

Implementation of the OWASP Mobile TOP 10 methodology for testing Android applications

Mobile devices are subject to numerous security discussions. Hacken decided to address the OWASP Mobile TOP 10 methodology to demonstrate the process of conducting vulnerability analysis for mobile applications.

The Price Of Your Security

Security is an essential part of any business . There are multiple ways to compromise a system. That is why, one needs to ensure the application of high-quality modern technologies.

Why Penetration Testing Is Required

Why Penetration Testing Is Required: A Lesson Lived Is A Lesson Learned