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Hacken Ensures Security Excellence for Mature Businesses


24 response aimed at immediate blocking and takedown of fraudulent sites, social accounts, etc.

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Smart Contracts Audit

Ensure your smart contract is secure before deploying it on the blockchain.

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Penetration Testing

Initial Assessment of an IT product's cybersecurity robustness. Let the best hackers in the world test the strength of your security. 

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Bug Bounty

A continual cybersecurity assessment of a product. This method allows you to only pay for the bugs found, not the process.

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Protection of at least one forefront is better than none

Telegram has gained the most utility today as it ensures a secure end-to-end encryption. The data-driven nature of the cryptocurrency space owes a lot of its hype to this messaging platform.

Most ICOs and blockchain projects resort to Telegram as to the main communication medium between the teams and their investors. This is why it often becomes the target of phishing attacks. The anti-phishing bot is a perfect tool to eliminate social engineering attacks in Telegram Group, as it alerts team of any and all phishers’ movements.


Anti Phishing Bot Free

Free Tool Kit

Test Hacken’s Anti Phishing bot for free. The free set of functions includes welcoming new members and wallet recognition. The latter means that the bot will collect and send all messages that include wallet addresses to the admin.
Anti Phishing Bot Standart

Standard Tool Kit

The standard kit includes 9 functions. Apart from the 2 free ones, you will receive anti-spam function, links blocking, stopword list, new users' activity limiting, spam pre-checking, whitelisting/blacklisting, and fake Telegram groups warnings.
Anti Phishing Bot Premium

Premium Tool Kit

The premium set has 12 essential functions that guarantee the strongest protection against phishing in Telegram. The bot will provide group statistics and protect admin from forging their accounts.

Our Clients

Our Clients Trust Us

Several organized phishing attacks targeting Jibrel Network's sales portal went live 30 minutes before our token sale started... After contacting Hacken for help, they comprehensively addressed the problem. I was so impressed by their speed and efficiency! 

Talal Tabbaa, Co-Founder Jibrel Network

Thanks to the rapid response of our cybersecurity partners - Hacken, the phishing attack was repelled and all efforts of the criminals were eliminated in no time. Only 2 hours passed from the start of the work of phishing sites to the moment of their disconnection. We are absolutely satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of the Hacken team. We recommend you work with Hacken.

Maxim Prasolov, CEO Neuromation

The Human Stories

The smartest cybersecurity experts from all parts of the Earth work hard every day to to ensure the 100% security of our clients and their products.

Jack Cable, United States

Jack is 17 and already one of the most prominent international ethical hackers, including his recent victory in the "Hack the Air Force" program run by the US government. Currently he's completing his high school education in one of Chicago's suburbs...

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Sandeep 'Geekboy' Singh, India

Geekboy grew up in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Sandeep's experience with hacking started with video games when he was only a kid. Now Geekboy has been bug bounty hunting over the last three years and is already in the top-5 on HackerOne...

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Julian Keller, Germany

Julian grew up in Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Currently he's studying the Mobile Systems master's degree at Furtwangen University. Like many other young hackers Julian started out with hacking his favorite games and then discovered how...

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