The Hacken Ecosystem provides a wide range of cybersecurity services according to a client's needs. We employ experts from across the world to provide a custom-tailored cybersecurity solution for any kind of business.



24 response aimed at immediate blocking and takedown of fraudulent sites, social accounts, etc.
Ensuring the safety of doing business on the blockchain.
Smart Contracts Audit
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Initial assessment of the cybersecurity system of an IT product.
A long-lasting CS assessment of a product that allows you to pay only for bugs, not the process.
Penetration Testing
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Early Access to Hacken Proof

HackenProof is a platform that provides a full range of penetration testing and code vulnerabilities discovery services including bug bounty programs and crowdsourced cybersecurity. Depending on the complexity of the task and the level of disclosure the client wants to have, our services can be provided by our in-house team or by our community of white hat hackers. In the case of HackenProof, we provide not only a 'crowd' of hackers, but also experienced managers and handy technology to achieve the desired results.

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Jack Cable
Julian Keller
Sandeep 'Geekboy' Singh

Hackers: The Human Stories

The smartest cybersecurity experts from all parts of the Earth work hard every day to to ensure the 100% security of our clients and their products.
Jack is 17 and already one of the most prominent international ethical hackers, including his recent victory in the "Hack the Air Force" program run by the US government. Currently he's completing his high school education in one of Chicago's suburbs. Jack shares his ideas about the future of hacking, being impressed with the ancient Ukrainian architecture and having to make up for all the classes he missed while attending HackIT Cup.
Julian grew up in Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Currently he's studying the Mobile Systems master's degree at Furtwangen University. Like many other young hackers Julian started out with hacking his favorite games and then discovered how he could amp up his budget by participating in all the numerous bug bounty programs. Having some prior experience with Ethereum, Julian likes the idea of having a dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers.
Geekboy grew up in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Sandeep's experience with hacking started with video games when he was only a kid. Now Geekboy has been bug bounty hunting over the last three years and is already in the top-5 on HackerOne. In his interview, Sandeep offers an elaborate opinion on Hacken's burning principle and discusses the features of modern cryptocurrencies.